who we are

Mr. Francesco Cacace, named Ciccio, was a wine, oil and other products merchant, and he went to Capri every morning. Francesco, having to support a rather large family composed by him and his wife more than six children, he saw an additional source of revenue in the possibilities offered by the development of the tourism industry.

"We will call it Piccolo Paradiso ( LIttle Paradise)"

The "vision" of Francesco

Therefore during the 50s, having Mr. Cacace a house of considerable size, decided to rent some of its many rooms to neapolitans holiday-maker who usually spent their summer holidays in Marina della Lobra. At a later time, inspired by Capri’s hoteliers with which he related to trade local products, he decided to create a real hotel in his home. And so, Hotel Piccolo Paradiso, was one of the first accommodation facility to be built in the fifties in Sorrento Peninsula. The management of the hotel has always been a family-run business and over the years each generation has contributed with their cooperation and their commitment to the economic livelihood of the structure.

Although Marina della Lobra with its quiet rhythms and the pastel colors of the nature and of the houses has preserved the charm of the small fishing village, it would be nice to be able to go back in time and walk through these places to experience the atmosphere of those extraordinary period.